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Embrace Your
Shift To Success

Guiding you through transformative career and leadership journeys

Empower Your Next Transition

Teresa is here to be your guide to mastering communication and change management. As a seasoned CEO and dedicated coach, Teresa equips you with the strategies needed for career success and organizational improvement. Dive into a world where your career aspirations are met with expert guidance and proven methods, ensuring every transition propels you towards your goals.

Pathways to Empowerment


Meet Teresa

With a legacy of steering a multimillion-dollar organization, Teresa Rand offers over 30 years of executive expertise in diverse sectors. Her proficiency in managing substantial budgets and large teams has been pivotal in her rapid career progression. Teresa's acumen extends to fundraising, staff development, and strategic career coaching, equipping professionals with the skills to excel in high-stakes environments. Additionally, she imparts valuable strategies for achieving leadership roles and seizing corporate opportunities.


Listen & Get Plugged In

What Others Are Saying...

As a recognized and successful business leader running a multifaceted organization, Teresa is uniquely qualified to assist companies in enhancing their team culture and performance. Her ability to connect with people and develop a collaborative learning environment is a great resource for any organization.

Kathy Milthorpe
CFO of the LPGA

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