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Meet Teresa Rand

Discover the transformative power of expertise with Teresa Rand, a seasoned leader with over three decades of years of experience in executive roles and business consulting. Teresa's approach is centered around leveraging the inherent strengths of individuals and teams to achieve unprecedented success and growth.

Teresa Rand

CEO/Leadership Expert

From her early days managing substantial budgets and large teams to her tenure as a CEO of a multimillion-dollar organization, Teresa has consistently demonstrated her ability to nurture talent and drive strategic growth.


As the former CEO of a ten-million-dollar non-profit and now the head of Teresa Rand Consulting, she uses behavioral and change management assessments to enhance team communication and productivity.


Teresa is also a bestselling author, having contributed to works like Wholly Leading: Thoughts, Meditations, and Practices for "Whole Self" Leadership and Your Deck Of Success. An avid writer for Your Success Magazine and a dynamic keynote speaker, she also hosts The Boss Lady Podcast, focusing on empowering women in the workplace.


Through her multifaceted career, Teresa is a beacon for organizations and individuals navigating transitions in their careers or business strategies.

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Samantha T.

Teresa does a phenomenal job of curtailing her coaching offerings to her client's personality and needs. She makes the process pain-free, highly informative, and even fun. Thank you for helping us with the success of our business!

Serena F.

Teresa used assessments, instruments, and assignments to guide our conversations in a way that led to continued insight and goal definition. Meeting with her allowed me to gain clarity, and I’m reenergized about my future direction! 

Stephen H.

Teresa's presentation at the Small Business Development Center was highly informative and engaging. Businesses large and small can immediately benefit from her expertise.

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