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Elevate Your Next Event

with Inspirational Insights From Teresa Rand

Invite Teresa Rand, a seasoned speaker and former CEO, to your next corporate event, conference, or workshop. Teresa brings a wealth of experience from the boardroom to the stage, offering compelling presentations tailored to inspire and motivate your audience.

Why Choose Teresa?

  • Expertise: With over three decades in leadership and business coaching, Teresa shares real-world strategies for effective communication, leadership, and personal growth.

  • Engagement: Known for her dynamic delivery, Teresa connects with audiences, leaving them motivated and equipped with actionable insights.

  • Customization: Every speaking engagement is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your audience, ensuring relevant and impactful messages.


Meet Teresa Rand

With a legacy of steering a multimillion-dollar organization, Teresa Rand offers over 30 years of executive expertise in diverse sectors. Her proficiency in managing substantial budgets and large teams has been pivotal in her rapid career progression. Teresa's acumen extends to fundraising, staff development, and strategic career coaching, equipping professionals with the skills to excel in high-stakes environments. Additionally, she imparts valuable strategies for achieving leadership roles and seizing corporate opportunities.


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What Others Are Saying...

Teresa's presentation at the Small Business Development Center was highly informative and engaging. Businesses large and small can immediately benefit from her expertise. I look forward to attending another presentation in the near future. 5 stars!

Stephen H.

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