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Individual Coaching

Success strategies for your career + life
changes and transitions

Feeling unfulfilled, stuck, or unsure about your next career move? You're not alone. With the average person spending over 90,000 hours at work, finding satisfaction in your career is essential for a fulfilling life. Whether you're contemplating a job change, approaching retirement, or just starting out, Teresa is here to guide you towards a career and life you love.


Transform Your Life with Strategic Shifts

Navigate Career Shifts

Master the transitions whether you're aiming for a promotion, shifting to a new industry, or crafting a fulfilling post-retirement plan. Our tailored coaching aligns with your career aspirations.

Discover & Leverage Strengths

Utilize cutting-edge tools such as DISC and Gallup Strengths assessments to unearth your inherent talents and optimize your professional trajectory.

Enhance Professional Skills

Elevate your abilities with executive coaching, mindfulness practices, and personalized wellness strategies, designed to enhance both your career and personal well-being.

Master Life Shifts

Learn to manage significant life and career shifts with resilience and strategic planning, ensuring each transition supports your overall life goals and career objectives.

Here For Every Shift 

Individual Career Coaching Services

  • Executive Level Coaching

  • Career Change Coaching

  • DISC Assessment and Coaching

  • Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment and Coaching

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Strategies

Start Your Journey Today

Don’t wait to take control of your career. Regardless of where you are in your professional life or geographical location, Teresa Rand Consulting can help you achieve career success. Connect with us for top-rated personal development solutions.

What Others Are Saying...

When I first met Teresa, I was at a point where I needed to think about continued professional growth and next steps, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like. Teresa used assessments, instruments, and assignments to guide our conversations in a way that led to continued insight and goal definition. Meeting with her allowed me to gain clarity, and I’m reenergized about my future direction! 

Serena F.

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