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A toddy that is not a toddy!


RANDom thought: What is the point of a non-alcoholic drink?

Just today, count how many times you see references to drinking and alcohol. On social media, at restaurants, on billboards, etc. I bet it is more than a dozen!

What is the first thing the server asks you when you go out to eat? “May I get you a cocktail or something from the bar while you look over the menu?”

How often does your business have happy hour events? Do you feel pressured to drink at these? Often, we feel that pressure or have friends who make us feel bad if we choose not to drink.

However, despite our drinking society, there is a movement toward less drinking or no drinking. That is why you are seeing more and more mocktails on the market. I am interviewing a young woman for this week’s podcast who has started a company called NKD LDY; they create non-alcoholic whiskey, tequila, and gin. And they are from Kentucky, the home of the bourbon tour!

With their spirits, you can have your old fashion and not be hungover tomorrow or have tequila that doesn’t make your clothes fall off. (that’s a song, google it)

If you have a friend or friends who choose not to drink, please be respectful of their decision and do not be the friend that pushes them to drink!

It is okay to choose not to imbibe!

If your family is like mine, you may have one or two family members that simply cannot drink. Alcoholism is a disease. We must support those who either cannot drink responsibility or simply choose not to drink, no matter their reason.Try out a non-alcoholic mocktail. You may love it!

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Remember, as my Grandfather always said, “Take time to stop and smell the roses”!

Until we meet again, take care.

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