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Blog: Quiet Time

Just BE Quiet!

RANDom thought: If you don’t think you have a few minutes to meditate, take an hour.

Quiet time, devotional time, meditation, no matter what you call it, it is beneficial for us to just do it!

I am taking a course from the University of South Florida Muma School of Business called Wellbeing in the Workplace. Each professor discusses how valuable quiet/mediation time is to our ability to focus and be productive. One says that our mind wanders more than 46% of the time. Many of us may feel our wonders 100% of the time.

While being busy and accomplishing things is essential and gives us an adrenaline rush, it is not good for our minds to always be in flight or fight mode. We need downtime. Our mind needs quiet time.

Now, I know some of you are saying, “ I can’t sit still long enough to meditate” or “I can’t shut my mind down .” I tell you, “That is all the more reason you need to meditate”!

Here are some myths about mediation:

  1. You have to sit in the lotus position

  2. You must mediate for an hour for it to be effective

  3. You must have a space carved out and burn candles/incense

Here are the facts

  1. You can meditate while walking, running, driving, showering, or any other time you can simply be in silence

  2. As little as 1 minute has been proven to be beneficial

  3. Refer back to #1

Here is my challenge to you. Try it for one minute each day this week. No rules, no right or wrong, just be in silence.

Then, let me know how it goes!

I will discuss this topic more in a FB live mini training on the private Career Cultivators site on

Wednesday at 11:30 EST. Join me there!

The Boss Lady Podcast: Episode #104 will discuss this topic. It comes out on Thursday, August 25, 2022

Remember, as my Grandfather always said, “Take time to stop and smell the roses”!

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