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National World Mental Health Day


Today, October 10th is National World Mental Health Day. If you do nothing else for yourself today, please take time to read this article. 

Here are a few tips and strategies for our mental health.

Take one and incorporate it in your life today, right now!


  1. Laugh: It has been proven to make us feel better, even if it is forced. Look in the mirror and laugh now.


  1. Meditate: One minute makes a difference. Stop and sit quietly for one minute now.


  1. Breaks: Take small or big work breaks. See above. If you don’t want to meditate, step outside and take deep breathe, now. Schedule time off for a vacation.


  1. Fitness/ health: It doesn't have to be a marathon or an all out workout. Take a short walk, use the stairs. Do three squats or jumping jacks, now.


  1. Gratefulness: Write down 2-5 things you are grateful for. Yep, now.


  1. Self Care: Do something for yourself now. Scheduled a massage, schedule a day off work to do nothing, or look in the mirror and say “I am wonderful”. Now!


  1. Be present: Focus on one thing at a time. Stop multitasking, now.


  1. Comparing: You are unique. We don't want you to be anyone else. Stay off social media just for today.


  1. Love yourself: Give yourself a hug. Now.


  1. Smile at someone. Now!


This list is meant for our overall mental health and are tips that I personally use. It is not meant to be medical advice in anyway.

If you are experiencing depression of having serious mental health concerns, please reach out to a mental health expert.

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