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Purging and Preparing

Updated: May 22


When working in corporate America, I always used the end of the year to clean my office and prepare for the upcoming new year. When my office was not at home, this seemed more manageable because I was also preparing for my end-of-year review. However, now that my office is at home and I don’t have an end-of-year review, I find this more challenging. For this reason, I decided to engage with a professional organizer to get my home office in order before the New Year. We met last week, and I am now motivated to get organized before January. She gave me new ideas but first…I have to purge some things. YIKES! That means I have to throw things out.

I am not a pack rat. However, I like to keep mementos and display family pictures and grandchildren’s artwork in my workspace. I also have a file cabinet that needs purging; yes, I know that it is so old school! I spent two days throwing stuff away, donating some to Goodwill, and shredding other documents. I found this to be easier than I anticipated. So now I am ready for step two. The organizer will come back and assist me in setting up my office for ease of use.

Step three will be setting my goals for the New Year. More on that in a future blog! I will be prepared for 2023! How about you? How do you prepare yourself for the New Year?

RANDom thought: Preparation is important! 

Join me here for a mini-discussion on this topic, Thursday, November 17th at 3:00PM (session will be recorded)

The Boss Lady Podcast: Purging and Preparing Thursday, November 10, 2022. Listen here

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